How Narcolepsy Inspired My Beeswax Lip Balm

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Since Developing Narcolepsy at 14 and starting medication in my 20's I have suffered from the absolute worst dry and cracked lips no matter what I did. My medications sped me up to stay awake and kept my skin dry, flaky, and lips looking like it's Winter, All Year Long. I was fed up and had tried everything. I must have had at least 50 different balms and chapsticks all the way up to medical grade. Nothing had ever worked. It was time to develop my own. I started making beeswax mixed with shea butter and many other ingredients in my leather salves to soften my leather and next thing I knew I was using it on my elbows, knees, and hands. It worked for my lips and I knew I was onto to something but I wanted to go bigger, something made for lips that had as serious problems as mine did. The Number One Ingredient in my Balm is 100% Natural Beeswax which makes up 35% of the balm. My research began and here is the result!

- Samantha Abel Owner/Creator/Narcolepsy Advocate for Project Sleep






Take a shower and let the hot water pour over your lips soften them. Use a hot washcloth without soap, (bar soap creates more drying effects) and rub your lips to exfoliate and take off those pesky little flakes. After applying the hot washcloth with a good but gentle scrub, lather your newly exfoliated lips with the Beeswax Balm. Showering before bed produces the best results but the same routine works just as well for day or night. Since the balm is thick, nighttime is the recommendation because you can apply a thicker coat and let the balm work it's magic while you sleep. You will be more comfortable as well since this Beeswax Balm is thicker than other products.  

It is extremely important to use the hot washcloth method if you want the quickest and best results. Even if you skip out on the shower just rinse a hot cloth in the sink and proceed with the process. If your lips are already flaky and dry prior to the application you will have a harder time repairing the damage. Dead skin cannot come back to life so it is best to exfoliate and remove as much as possible without scrubbing too hard which can damage your lips even more. You will know that it is working by using a darker washcloth and seeing the white residue that comes off when you exfoliate them. No fancy expensive exfoliating products needed, the hot water method will work just fine.

Do not be scared to exfoliate! Your mouth and lips are some of the fastest healing bits of the body. They need to be. They are often damaged by seasons, bits and pieces of food, and also the gut is under constant attack from the digestive process and of course, medications. Since lips are also a  place for a lot of bacteria to grow (and potentially cause infection) it's just as well they heal quickly. Such tissues, which heal rapidly, are described as "euplastic". Your lips WILL heal extremely fast if you follow this process.

Customers love the smell of this balm because it smells like pure natural beeswax. If you suffer from dry lips due to medication, seasonal changes, or are just sick of balms that last only a few hours, this is for you. Commercial Chapstick and even Burt's Bees do give temporary relief that may feel like it is working, they are also designed to make you reapply every few hours, thus creating more sales. This lip balm has a thicker coating than traditional brands and is made last longer and start to work immediately. One tube will last twice as long as these other products.


Take the time to make each item out of the best ingredients, with the best methods, to achieve the best results. Each Tube is Handmade, Mixed, Heated, Poured into Clear BPA Free Tubes, and a Tamper Proof Glossy Sealed Label is Applied. 


 We tried, tested and sent out a limited amount of samples before our launch late December 2017 and the results are in!

From Instagram account:


"It was so fun to get these goodies! Thank you SO MUCH! This balm literally conditions so well- even after its worn off from eating and drinking- my lips feel great!"




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