100% Natural Leather Conditioner and Water Repellent

Abel and Artemis

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Best Use of Waterproofing, Conditioning and Protecting Your Investment for your Leather Purchase.

What are our customers saying? That it is the BEST for protecting their leather wallets, bags, and BOOTS from everyday use and the outdoor elements.

Environmentally Friendly & Safe Ingredients

Restores Moisture, Revives Suppleness, Shines, & Waterproofs

-100% Natural Ingredients:
 100% Natural Beeswax, Shea Butter, Bee Propolis, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Almond Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment. Handmade in the USA, Fast-Tracked Shipping.

-Non-Toxic, No Silicone, No Petroleum

Weather-proofing, conditioning, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-mildew properties. Artemis Wax Leather Conditioner has been formulated to protect, restore, expand the lifespan of your leather and can be used on vegetable-tanned and chrome leather. *Not to be used on suede*

If you have questions please contact us immediately! We're more than happy to walk you through the application process if needed!

One tin should be enough to cover several medium-sized products 3-5 times.


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